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If You’ve Been Injured In An Accident, You May Be Entitled To Make A Personal Injury* Claim. With Our Help, we can put you on the right road

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Our law firm is capable of handling all levels of personal injury and medical negligence cases and although the advertising of No Win No Fee solicitors for clients is not allowed by the body, known as the Law Society, that regulates Solicitors in Ireland. However, it is believed that some solicitors offer a No Win No Fee solution to the costs of a Personal Injury claim.

No Win No Fee means simply that the solicitor agrees to take on a claim without charging the client a penny until the claim is settled. If the client wins then the solicitor will get his fee, sometimes from the Insurance company at that time. If the client looses then the client pays nothing to the no win no fee solicitor.

We are a Personal Injury solicitors firm based all over the country with an office in Dublin. We specialise in Personal Injury claims from slips and falls, to work related injuries and from road traffic accidents.

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Because our solicitors deal with so many cases every year they have an in-depth understanding of the processes and the pit falls that are involved with making a successful compensation claim for a car crash or road accident all over the island of Ireland. We also help motorcyclists with compensation and can also advice on bus accident claims.

We are specialists in this particular niche of car accident claims and will be able to act on your behalf so you have the best chance of success. There are many incidents on the local roads every year, as you can see from reading the local press so do not delay if you are injured in a car accident and call us now.

Disclaimer* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement
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